Collaborating and growing a community of contractors.

Contracting room

The Contracting Room is a platform created to help developers, clients, architects, and engineers in the construction field to find a supplier, product, or a contractor that best fits their needs. We have included all kinds of building material supplies that will ensure you get the best quality, service, and price wherever you are in the United Arab Emirates all from one place. These companies are either based in the United Arab Emirates or can supply their product through their local agent.

You can send your inquiry directly to the suppliers or contractors to get the job started from the comfort of your office. Having access to the company’s products, profile, past projects, location, and related details will play a role in developing a smooth start with our company.

We have also included the category “Repairs” just for clients suffering from minor maintenance jobs in their homes and offices. This category helps clients reach their potential right size company to do the small repairs that would take larger companies weeks to be available to reach to the customers’ inquiries.