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02-Sep, 2017
Posted by: Admin
Category: Industry, Machine

Whether you are bidding for construction projects in UAE or oil and gas projects or IT Telecommunications project or any other project, here are some general bidding tips to help improve your chances of winning the project.

Understand the scope of work. The scope of work is critical to figure out what to propose. Unless you know the scope, you cant formulate your approach to perform the work required. The scope of work will be based on the customer’s deliverables and performance requirements. Ensure that you understand what they are. If you do not, you should ask.

Know how to avoid being disqualified. Are there any formatting or submission requirements? What criterion will the customer use in evaluating your proposal? What is the individual preference of the client in regard to technical, staffing, and management? Make sure that you understand the goals of the client clearly so that you can convince them that you have the capability to achieve those goals.

The way you position yourself against your competitors would play a very crucial role in determining whether you would win the project or not. You must be able to convince the client that you are better than your competitors. Give them valid reasons as to how they can benefit by choosing you over others.

Clearly articular your approach for managing the project. In case there are multiple project locations, explain how you would managing the same. You must prepare a schedule of deliverables and provide a work breakdown structure to validate that you have the resources, as well as the expertise to manage the project successfully.

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