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03-Sep, 2017
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The Waterfront City project at Sharjah, is unarguably the most ambitious step taken in this Emirate towards boosting tourism.

The humbly named project is anything but that. On the face of it, the city will have 10 linked islands taking up about 36 kilometers of coastline. The city will be copious with 200 towers – residential as well as commercial, 95 luxury apartments, more than 1100 villas – waterfront and park-side, marine clubs, entertainment spaces and schools, banks, mosques, restaurants and other stores, and most important – environment friendly. All of them will scream privacy, luxury and status. Oh and fun too – with the water theme park, Crystal Lagoon.

It will bring to fruition the grandiose golden jubilee celebrations of UAE’s National Day in 2021 offering residents as well as tourists an experience gratifying to say the least.

The project has been testing the waters, literally, with the work on interconnecting canals, land reclamation and piling is completed and construction will be cannoned as the necessary approvals have already been met with. The design of the infrastructure and internal transportation is complete and the interconnecting bridges for the islands are being erected by Darwish Engineering. Scan Engineering has got the proviso for infrastructure and is working on electric stations for supplementing the same.

Among the others, the planning and designing for the water theme park is being worked on simultaneously while the master plan for the ten islands has already been finalized.

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